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Over 20+ years experience helping people find answers.

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 “I’m in business because I sincerely believe that part of my life path is to help other to find their life path, people who may have gotten away from their highest good.

My mission is “to help my clients with insight, clarity and direction to experience their life with fulfillment, positive well-being and satisfaction in their relationships, career and overall prosperity.” 

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 To be a psychic you should really have a genuine interest in and understanding of the supernatural. Many people in the business put on a show for their clients, but true psychics have a powerful intuition that allows them to serve others in a variety of situations. A person who is able to empathize with others, listen to them describe their problems, and then offer advice that is relevant to the circumstances and the situation will succeed in this business. As the nature of the services is very personal, customers need to trust the psychic who is offering these services. And, likewise, a professional psychic should also be trustworthy, always careful not to exaggerate their abilities. 

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Not all Intuitives are 100% correct but I am very accurate with excellent reputation over the years.

That is my Guarantee!

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Reiki Energy Healings and Initiations

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About Me

A third generation Intuitive Clairvoyant Reader from the age of 10 I was clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient.

My Mother and Grandmother were Intuitive and Healers.

 A mystical light was seen in a photo when I was 4 years old after I lost my mother.

Travelled Internationally. Author of "The Healing Journey Of Spiritual Art" Available on

Magazines featured in

Anan Magazine (Japan)

Star People Magazine (Japan)

Trinity Magazine (Japan)

United Magazine (Hawaii)

What To Expect

My clairvoyant readings will bring clarity to the most challenging situations you are experiencing.

You will feel a sense of peace from my understanding of your situation and leave with tools to help you in your personal life.