Marilyn is one of the most gifted clairvoyants I’ve ever experienced in  my life.  At a glance, she knew spirit had guided me to her in order to  reveal truths about my life. I sought clarity as my life was unbalanced.  I soon learned I'd  given away my power in a long relationship. The  purpose of my life was revealed to seek love, freedom and balance. At  the end of my reading my deceased mother came forward with a beautiful  message. Marilyn is truly a lightworker whose gift saved me. Grateful.  

posted by Deborah Fox

 Marilyn is one of the most gifted clairvoyants I’ve ever experienced in  my life.  Marilyn’s clairvoyant ability prompted me to reevaluate my  purpose and make changes in my life. My life required clarity and  clearing. Without her guidance and Reiki healing I may not be here  today. Marilyn’s is filled with light from the heavens which allowed me  to transform my life. Marilyn is a rare gift from the universe and I can  attest that she is an anomaly in her field. I am forever thankful. 

posted by Deborah Lawrence

 Marilyn is one of the most gifted mediums that is currently on the  planet.  Her skills to channel your loved ones that have crossed over  compare to those of the greats--John Edwards, James Van Praugh etc..   She is around 98% accurate.  She has channeled for me exact names of  loved ones who have crossed and have messages for me.  She told me when  my house would sell--it did at that time, the name of the people I would  buy my next house from and names of people who were not in my life but  now are. 

posted by Debra Wolf

 Marilyn schooled me today.  She brought light to all the most prevalent  issues in my life right now.  It was wonderful to feel understood and  have a good laugh over otherwise serious issues.  Thank You 

posted  by Krista Maes

 Interesting. Marilyn has reignited my interest in the spiritual world.   She also had said some reconfirming thoughts in my mind. Good timing  (smile) Private session  Nuuanu Honolulu 

posted by Kelly Arthur

 I have had several readings with Marilyn and she is always right on, she  saw me teaching psychic things, my new career, New relationship, recent  female past away, working with wood carvings. Michael, Honolulu, Hawaii 

posted by Michael Mauricio

 Happy about reading. Accurate about issues Mon, Relationship ending.  Knew and saw things about me I did not tell, like my trip to Japan with  relatives, making things with my hands. Japan/Hawaii 

posted by Diane Lobre